Our Chef

Sudhanshu Kumar, the man behind By Aanch, is quite a storyteller with each dish unfolding his journey of becoming a chef. With a few cooking tricks up his sleeve and a pocket full of dreams Sudhanshu journeyed to Canada where he studied Culinary Management in Niagara College. It was here he realized his true calling for showcasing Indian food with a modern approach.

Upon entering the kitchen, he relies solely on his emotions and intuitions to create dishes. In fact, he is perpetually seeking unique ingredients and grinding his own spices to create a contemporary palate. After the success of Aanch-Modernistic Indian Cuisine which garnered Michelin recommendation and Chatpatta Chowk; By Aanch is his latest stint where he has sharpened his culinary skills to present complex yet delicate Indian dishes.

For Sudhanshu, his restaurant is a reminiscence of friends and family sharing stories and enjoying his cooking. It is for this reason you will often notice a friendly smile approaching you to make sure you feel at home.